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Is the security of your family important to you?

Here is some useful information to know before #renovating or #building your home and when choosing your #windows and #doors.

There are many ways that #thieves can break into your home. According to statistics, revealed by Maco, a manufacturer of high-end fittings, the main entry routes for #burglars are #windows (28.7% on the ground floor, 4.9% in the basement doors (5.4%).

Simple tools can open a #window fairly quickly. Almost 70% of #window burglaries are carried out with a screwdriver with a blade width of 6 to 12 mm. Burglars can also use a crow bar (wrecking bar).

Hardware manufacturers, such as Maco, Roto or Winkhaus have developed solutions: for example, self-locking cremones, safety rollers will maximize #security and will increase the time required to get inside the residence making the task more difficult for the #burglars.

In addition to the choice of suitable fittings for the protection of your home, VST offers laminated glass. This one when shattered remains in place. See our previous post on laminated glass:

Is security important to you? We have the solution.

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